performance Training


vertical jump


Guaranteed to Improve Vertical Jumping Power & First Step Quickness

Scientific blend of ...

Plyometrics | Strength Training | Reactive Movements | Sport-Specific Motor Pattern Development

The Vertimax Training System loads the body at angles, positions, and intensities no other system is capable of - all constructed to help your athlete reach peaks he/she has never experienced before.

*Recommended AT LEAST 8 weeks in this training regimen to increase their vertical jump, power, and explosive movement capabilities no matter the sport!

speed + agility


Guaranteed to Improve Sprint Speed & Change of Direction

Speed kills. No tricks, no secrets, just science, giving players the speed they need to gain an advantage in every situation.


Incorporating training on fast twitch muscle fibers to blow by defenders with aerobic fiber training - keeping the competition behind you from the first whistle to the last buzzer. 

We also bring in strength training to increase muscle contraction capacity - leading to significantly reduced risk of injury. 


*Recommended AT LEAST 8 weeks to see real results in sprint speed, lateral quickness, and reactive start/stop abilities.

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